Immediately after finishing "A Hat for the Whales" (and before that tune was named) I started writing this tune, doodling on the A whistle while watching freighters go by from my parents' house on the St. Clair River. The tune just fell out of the whistle, much to my delight.

The name comes from the start of our whale-watching tour in Bay Bulls Newfoundland later that month. The tour was utterly amazing; there were lots of whales around, including a young whale who got curious about the boat and came over to visit. There were so many whales, in fact, that while the tour guide was telling us we wouldn't see any until we got around the corner, I saw three whales blow in the distance. The tune sort of reminded me of "The Three Smokestacks" in its shape anyway, and the two ideas collided to become this tune name. It makes me think of unexpected bounties.

Incidentally, I'm not sure what the proper name for the body of water we saw the early whales in. The main part of the tour was in Witless Bay, but this was the bit of water between O'Brien's dock and Witless Bay. So this name may be subject to change.

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