This tune got its start in Liz Carroll's composition class at Goderich Celtic College 2004. The first day she assigned us to write something -- anything! -- as homework. So I wrote the first part of this tune sitting outside our motel room while the girls practiced inside.

The name came next. We performed at the Celtic College Thursday night showcase under the name "Big Sol and His Wayward Girls". And the ladies decided their favorite restaurant in Goderich was Skipper's, in the strip mall next to our motel. Skipper's had a big drawing of a slightly nausated looking fish labeled "Get Hooked!" outside, so naturally they started calling the place the "Happy Hooker". So when we sat there having our final meal on the way out of Goderich after a week of insane fun, this name popped into our heads.

May we all get the chance to eat there again some day.

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