performed by Big Sol and his Wayward Girls at Goderich 2004
solo whistle recording
Swingy solo low G whistle

One fine Saturday morning I taught myself the B part of the "Providence Reel" by listening over and over again to the Fred Finn/Peter Horan recording of it. When I had it down pat, I started fiddling around and promptly wrote the A part of this tune. As I realized at Goderich two months later, it actually starts with the same note sequence (but not rhythm) as tune that came after "Providence", "Boys of Ballinahinch". But it quickly turns into its own tune.

The tune is dedicated to my mother-in-law, Brenda Schupska, on the occasion of her birthday coinciding with the end of her radiation therapy. Jen came up with the name.

I'm very pleased with this tune -- I think it is the first reel I wrote that really feels like a traditional Irish tune. BTW, I wrote it using a B-flat whistle.

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