played by Stephanie Cornelius
played by Sol

Another tune started while sitting in the car waiting for Jen to finish up at work. (Don't get the idea that I usually pick her up; it's just seemed that lately every time I do, I start a new tune.) On a whim, I was looking for a tune which might go with the name "Up and Down Lady Liberty" (a reference to a great game run by Arref Mak). In some alternate universe, that is the name for this tune.

Percy is our new kitten, who isn't yet clear on the notion he's not supposed to climb on the kitchen table. Right now (at least, as I write this) our house is a constant battle of him climbing up and us putting him back on the floor. Luckily he's very good-natured about the entire process. (Update: It's now Christmas, and he's spending a bit less time on the table in his efforts to climb up into the Christmas tree.)

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