1/18/2005-1/19/2005, tweaked through 3/2/2005

Came up A part while sitting in the car waiting for Jen to finish work. This was an attempt to write a tune that might sound good on concertina. Not that I approached that in a scientific manner. Nor have I gotten any feedback from actual concertina players.

It didn't turn out to be the "big" tune I was hoping for when I started, but it strikes me as a very happy little tune.

Note that I've written out four different endings for the parts, two going high and two going low. In practice, I tend to mix and match these on the fly, with no set pattern, and occasionally I play the first version going to low G with the last couple of notes up an octave so it goes to high G. Does that make any sense? With any luck the recording makes it all clear.

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