Complete lyrics to "Four"

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Posted by Amy Duncan ( on November 02, 2002 at 20:35:20:

FOUR (complete lyrics)

Of the wonderful things that you get out of life there are four,
Baby, and there may not be many but nobody needs any more,
Of the many facts makin’ the list of life, truth takes the lead
And to relax, knowin’ the gist of life, it’s truth you need.
And the second is honor and happiness makes number three,
If you put them together you’ll know what the last one must be,
Baby so to truth, honor and happiness add one thing more,
Meaning only wonderful, wonderful love that’ll make it four...


Don’t you know the score, well, people when they’re younger
Never realize the pleasure treasure life’s got,
But as they grow older realize a lot,
They’ve got their mind on all the wrongest scenes,
And things that cost a lot of money but it’s really very funny,
They fade away and don’t amount to a hill of beans...
Funny how the things in life we really should adore,
We forget, or ignore, end up poor, makin’ money
Till we’re nigh on to madness and end up in sadness,
Youth is the time when we should see the light,
‘Cause when we’re old and wasted, the dues for what we’ve tasted
Run so high that we pay till we die, then,
We know that youth that made us strong is wasted on the young,
So, enjoy it daily, love life and live it gaily,
You’ll find a lot of things to bring you joy and give peace of mind,
Get it while the gettin’s good, ‘cause everybody if they only could...
Life would be a set, life would be a groovy set, groovy as a movie...
Wail, wail, let your voice be heard, spread the word,
Everybody here’s got ears, only gotta teach ‘em how to use ‘em
Not abuse ‘em, so take a tip from me,
The world’s everything it oughta be if you can only be sure
There is no more to life than the same old four...


Hard to believe I know but time will show that even though you think it’s boresome
Two and two together constitute a foursome,
That’s all, four is a figure, that’s all,
Ain’t gonna be gettin’ any bigger, doesn’t matter how you slice it up,
You’ll never change it...
You count everything that fate throws into life’s pot,
Still, really four is all you got.
Haven’t I told you about the little treasures that are part of all the rest?
You love a little and live a little and take a little and give a lot,
Still the total is happiness...
But that’s only one, you’ve just begun,
There’s gonna be more, after this it’s truth and honor shinin’
And love combinin’ to make it four! (No more!!)

[There may be a couple of little mistakes, but I think most of it is pretty accurate...enjoy!]

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